Nuance Chocolate: worldwide taste, local flavor

Nuance Chocolate is one of the only chocolate shops in the country to make its own chocolate, and offers the widest range of single origin chocolates in the world. Let’s dip into the factory making process of Nuance- from bean to bar.

Chocolate Making Process

Video Courtesy of Sierra Cymes.

Q&A with Toby Gadd

I sat down with Toby Gadd, co-owner and founder of Nuance Chocolate, a store in Old Town Fort Collins that provides a unique method of making and selling its chocolate locally. Self-classified as a “chocoholic”, Gadd told me about finding and perfecting his passion for making various chocolate types with beans sourced from around the world.

Nuance Chocolate, located in Old Town Fort Collins. Photo Courtesy Sierra Cymes.
Truffles line the display case, waiting to be sold. Photo Courtesy Sierra Cymes.
Single-origin and flavored chocolate bars are displayed. Photo Courtesy Sierra Cymes.

Flight Tasting with Kristin Mastre

I had the opportunity to sit down with Kristin Mastre, a foodcritic from Feasting Fort Collins, to taste a flight of single-origin chocolates from Nuance Chocolate in Old Town Fort Collins. Co-owner and co-founder Toby Gadd guided us along as we tasted and gave our opinions on five different chocolates.

Video Courtesy of Sierra Cymes.
Photo Courtesy Sierra Cymes.
Tables line the walls of Nuance. Photo Courtesy Sierra Cymes.

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