an asortment of thoughts:

why read a book if you do not enjoy the story

does grass get tired of growing

will i outgrow this place

are we ever truly aware of our bodies

when kids are first growing are they aware of their growth

will life continue on without me here

what a ginormous planet we get to live on that travels around the sun and just lives its life without us doing anything to make it continue

whats the point of hair, also on the topic, can i cut mine off

is this the life we imagine

everyone has a book but me. Ironic.

Eva and I climbed a tree.

I always want to get higher.

i want to climb and climb.

Until I can’t go any higher.

and then, when i get to the highest,

I want to know what it feels like to fall

to only have air touching you, and nothing else. And have gravity do what it was designed to do. to keep us close.