8:51 am

When speaking to my grandma about the internship she asked simply why my voice was shaking. She said, do you not believe that you can do this? I responed with my ususal toughness finished off however with a question mark. She simply answered: I have no doubt. Then later, after the love you’s and goodbye’s I turned to my bible, to his text. And When I found the verse of “So do not fear, for I am with you”. I was once again shown how great my God is. Protecting me before I realize I need protecting. He is “taking great delight” in me, loving me on my weakest days. Proud of me, when I have done nothing but given my life in return. For as we may have troubles, the Lord hers them and saves us and delivers us away.

My favorite lines in the bible are when they talk about coming home. I have always been obsessed with that word. What exactly is home? And will I ever find it. But then the lord reminds me my home is that of the sky, of the heavens. And I will return to him soon. For until we return home, I will sing hallelujia. At the time when you come, gather us, and bring us home. All I want to do ever is rest in your embrace. For the rest of my life. Thank you for choosing me and loving me. Thank you for this opportunity, I will take it whole heartedly. And I will love you every step of the way.

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