The “Feels” every college freshman understands After move In


As soon as mom and dad unpack all your stuff and you’re finally able to wipe their tears away and send them out your dorm room door, all you can think about is you are free to do whatever you want without parents!

Depression Hits You Like A Truck

Five minutes after mom and dad leave you sit on your squeaky uncomfortable dorm bed and think about every memory of your childhood regretting saying goodbye to mom and dad so fast and god help me holding back the tears once I start to think about my dog.

Boredom Strikes

Well, all of this stuff looked cool when I packed it for college but what am I actually suppose to do now on a Saturday night in a new town with a whole bunch of strangers?

Questioning Everything

College reinforces your curiosity. We seem to become paranoid about everything from “Is my side cuter or is my roommates?” to “WTF is that girl wearing? Should I be wearing less clothing? “Should I read the move in guide? Will I be tested on this?” “Should I introduce myself or just smile awkwardly?”

Being Awkwardly Friendly

For most of us, we’re in a new place with tons of new people, we want to be friendly and get to know almost everyone we see but some aren’t as friendly as others. Once you see someone on the elevator more than once they’re considered a friend right? Maybe not.

Trying Harder Than Usual

New people, new start. So maybe you weren’t the most popular or be the best dressed in high school? Well here’s a new start. It’s time to put on your best outfit and act cool!

Missing Home

Once You taste the cafeteria food that you paid a ridiculous price for, you miss home cooked meals. Once you have to put flip flops on and get pelted with hard unsoftened water from a tiny shower, you miss your luxurious shower back home. And once you plop down onto your stiff as cardboard twin bed you’ll miss the feeling of your own personal bed, or at least your back will in the morning.

Contemplating when things will get better

After a long day of moving all your stuff, being awkward around new people and trying to find all of the positives within all of the disgusting aspects of college, you lay in bed and question “Why do people actually like college?” and “When do I get to the good part?”

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