Here we are. Stuck. In the desert. Profusely sweating from every pore of my body. I’m in my red polka dot dress, the one my mom bought me for my 16th birthday, hoping that I would put it on when we went to dinner with my grandparents and not look like my normal grungy self. Somehow I still managed to look like a typical punk when I went to dinner, with my bleach blonde hair, combat boots and high skull socks and disappointed look from every adult sitting at the table. But here I am now, wearing this polka dot dress, trying to please nobody but myself as I take this journey with my best friend to the undiscovered land of California, or at least, undiscovered to me. We’re only 2 hours away at this point but with these inconvenient circumstances who knows how much longer it could be before I reach Hollywood, the place where dreams come true. Or maybe that's Disney… either way I plan to discover myself there, but for right now I have to solve this problem of being stuck. Stuck as always until the moment I decide that the pressure of being stuck has taken enough toll on me and I have to do something to get out of this place. Before it was the small town of Sanibel, a small island off the west coast of Florida, where everyone knew each other and each others business. Now it’s this desert in the middle of nowhere, where there’s no one who knows your name or your story. Which is good for me, because my stories not so great. An above privileged little girl, who took her parents for advantage, got the whole world handed to her, left her family behind, even though she knew she was hurting them, because she felt like she wasn't getting enough out of life. In other words, a spoiled little brat. Yep, that’s me, or in my parents eyes that's me. In my eyes though, I feel as though I have so much that I want to experience. I want to figure out how to survive on my own, I want to discover music and art that hasn’t been acknowledged by the whole world. I want to be myself and not just carbon copies of my parents and go to school, become a professional, more importantly become a lawyer, own my parents business, have a few kids, and then have them repeat the cycle. And in order to not be like them I have to get my mind in the game and solve this dilemma. My friends shouting on the other side of the car, something about how the car sucks and needs to start working, and I’m just digging, hoping it will make a difference, knowing it wont. Maybe we should call someone, but who? And at that precise moment a car began to approach. I held up the universal hitchhiker sign, a sideways thumb, hoping it would slow down and stop. It did, of course, who would resist a blonde chick in a red polka dot dress. And out of this pitch black dodge charger, came an image of beauty. A tall, tan blonde man, with a well done sleeve of underwater themed tattoos, a “Growlers” band t shirt and dark, slightly tight denim jeans walked out of this car. My jaw dropped, never have I believed in love at first sight, but as this man opened his mouth to ask us ladies if we needed help, I decided that this is the one, and that I, Kai Lee Venusca, was in love, a feeling that she never had felt before.