It’s 9 a.m. and the minutes are going by even slower than when I first got here, which was 7:30 by the way. Okay fine maybe I overslept by a few minutes and actually just got here at 8:30. But still, this 30 minutes has been the longest of my life. And the teacher is just going on and on about nothing in particular, just the same story about her infant child that she tells everyday. Yes I get it Mrs. Lee, she eats, poops, and cries. Congratulations, your baby has joined the ranks of every other baby in the world. I have to get out of here. Its the only thought that has been running through my mind since I got here. Actually it runs through my mind every time I come to school. But today, I’m actually going to just get up and leave. Here I go. Just get up, walk right out that door, down the hall, to the parking lot, and into my car and I’m off scotch free. Deep breath, get up, walk past the teacher. Come on I can do this. I slowly get up, walk past the teacher, mumble something about the bathroom, and I’m out the door. The halls are empty which makes walking through to the parking lot easy. I pull out the fake pass to show the security guard. I stole it from the office in the beginning of the year for a moment like this. It works flawlessly, of course, and he tells me to enjoy my day. Ha, I will kind sir, now that I’m away from this hell hole I call school. I slowly stroll down the parking lot to the cherry red jeep wrangler, hop in, and start my day. What will I do now? What do people do when they aren’t in school? Its not like I can go home.. my parents could be there. And if they found out… well goodbye life. Maybe I’ll go to the park. No. What if one of my parents’ friends are there? Maybe I’ll go down to.. oh shit. Oh shit. oh shit shit shit. What did I just hit. Why does my chest hurt? What just happened? I slowly climb out of my car, a little bruised up from where the seat belt dug into me so I wouldn’t fly out of the car, afraid to even glance at the front of the car, where now the black Mercedes now resides where my hood used to be. A man gets out of his car and immediately the expression of anger turns to one of concern. “Are you okay?” he says. I touch my face and pain strikes all throughout my body. Blood is starting to drip down my face from the top of my head and there's glass pieces en-lodged in my arms and face. I slowly fall to the cold, hard ground as the man is dialing someone on his phone.

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