Next to eat on Cougar’s plate

Many things are different and few things remain the same for the cougars this year as they face their next opponent, Cincinnati. The last time the cougars saw the the bears they were at home, ranked #25 and undefeated. This year Herman and his crew will travel to Cincinnati and play at their home, this time ranked #6, but still undefeated.

Chance Allen TD against Cincinnati

The cougars are on a roll and will not stop now. The cougars defeated Cincinnati at homecoming last year in a very close battle; 33–30. Big plays were made in order to win that game as the same effort will be needed this year, especially in their house.

Brandon Wilson had a big play in that win with a 51-yard pick-six to the end zone for a touchdown. Wilson’s most recent run against OU (109.9-yard TD) shows his improvement as well as the rest of the team as he went down in the record books this year. Cincinnati had better get prepared for 2016 Cougar football team r they may suffer another loss, only this time at their own house.

It’s safe to say that the cougars have worked their way to the top and all eyes will be on them to observe how their first game on the road will turn out.

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