Pride or Rings?

What’s more important — The pride that one takes in earning a championship with the team they started with or getting a ring with any team at the top? We all know the route Kevin Durant took, I personally call it the “sell-out plan.”

Going to the team that just brutally took away the chance at ANOTHER opportunity for you to become an NBA Champion is just flat out weak. When word first got out many people pondered on how great Golden State would be with the addition of Durant, but like other trade deals no one thought he would actually do it. No one doubted him because we thought he couldn’t, but because he seemed to have more loyalty than that … he fooled us!

Through Durant’s nine seasons with The Oklahoma City Thunder he won multiple awards, but still has no ring. That would make any competitor in their right mind think about a change of scenery, but not to the team that took you all the way to game 7 and beat you! We are talking about a man who has four NBA scoring titles, he could have gone to any other team and he wouldn’t be labeled as a trader.

Golden State threw him a pity float and he caught it! They were already a super-team without him, he’s just there for the ride with an already made team. It sort of reminds of someone living in your house and not paying any bills. It makes me wonder how some of the not so famous players of Golden State’s team feel about him just hopping on a winning team…their winning team. “You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym,” is a phrase that comes to my mind.

Contrary of what reading this may seem like Kevin Durant is actually one of my favorite players to watch. I just do not agree with the unloyal decision he made. If the Warriors do not have a successful season KD will be the laughing stock of Instagram and twitter memes for seasons. I hope that the grass is greener on the other side, well for KD’s sake the hardwood is woodier!

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