Cavs got the Savage-factor!

The player by player comparisons I am about to present to you may lead you to believe that the Golden State Warriors have the 2017 NBA championship locked in a bag. It’s more to the game than just what’s on paper. When it comes to a national championship, it brings out the inner “dog” in every athlete and the stats on paper will no longer be a factor.

Kyrie Irving versus Steph Curry is up first on the starter comparison list. Both having a national championship under their belts and only a 2 season difference in how long they have been in the NBA, you began to wonder what sets them apart.Statistically on paper you may say that Steph is the better point because he has 2 season MVP’s and Kyrie has none, but in game 7 Kyrie had more “dog” in him than Steph Curry.

Draymond Green versus Lebron James. Everyone knows who wins this match. Lebron has 3 titles and 4 MVP seasons and Green has one titel and no MVP’s. Green showed himself worthy of even being compared to the king by shutting down games in games 1 & 2 of the 2016 NBA playoffs. King James proved himself on paper and when it mattered in the playoffs.

J.R. Smith versus Klay Thompson. There is not much difference in the stats to say who’s better or who is not.They are both impact role players for their team.

As I have compared the top 3 scorers on both teams and showed you why the Caveliers savage-factor will be the reason why they win the 2017 NBA Championship, i’m sure you are wondering about the new addition to the Golden State Warrior, Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant has already proved he does not have that savage-factor in him, so his presence will not affect the outcome of the Cavaliers season. With all do respect Kevin Durant could not stand agaisnt Bron Bron and company with OKC and nothing will change for him at his new team.

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