Day 4: Frozen Champagne and The Voices

To know me, is to know I love me some champagne. I found the perfect bar in Dallas that has frozen champagne, and a basketball court all in one setting. So not only do I get to sip frozen champagne, but I get to see shirtless guys running around throwing a ball in a bucket. If that’s not perfection, I’m not to sure what is. Well anyways, yesterday I drug one of my guy friends to this bar with me, and we we’re having great conversation as usual. We were talking about New York, and how much I’ll love/hate it and all of the sudden I heard this really fucked up voice in my head. It was extremely weird, but I’ve heard it before. It was like everytime I would say something positive, this voice would come full fledge with, “nah fam, you ain’t gunna make it” or “you really think you’re going to be able to pull what you just said off?” I was weirded out. However, this time around I decided to ignore the little shit. I proceeded to drink my frozen champagne and the more the voice tried to fuck with me, the more I fucked with it saying more fabulous things about this new life I’m going to have.

I think we all have that little devil, and angel thing going on. If you’re not into the that then we’ll say the good side, and bad side of our thoughts. I typically give in to the bad side, and I’ve never been able to figure out why. This time was different though. I had the confidence to tell it to fuck off, and it did. It felt liberating. In fact I’ve been having the most liberating moments the past week or so. Day 4, I’m able to say I fought off the negative shit in Day 3. One small step for Sierra, one giant leap towards a great future.

With Love,

Sierra Dennis

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