Atheist Assemble

The article or website that I chose is written by Pam Whissel and many other significant authors of this incorporation. The purpose of this website is to inform and teach the concepts of atheism as well as explain and enlightened the general audience about what they atheist stand for. The main point of this website is to “stimulate and promote freedom of thought and inquiry concerning religious beliefs, creeds, dogmas, rituals, and practices”. A concept that supports this is even the fact that the “American Atheist Incorporation is a non-profit, non-political, educational organization dedicated to complete and absolute separation of state and church”. This website has been copyrighted since 2016. The American Atheist corporation continues to embed their teachings into our society and continues to reach all across the nation.


I do believe this site is credible due to the fact that the authors are highly credible, it is a real organization that is a non profit and as well redirecting hyperlinks to its own page. Even on the homepage we are allowed to create a profile and donate to this organization and for what it stands for. This adds to it’s credibility by showing how it is directly for the audience of atheist in the country. It is meant to unify all those who have the same believes and are curious in finding out more about what they stand for.

They even include a separate tab for each of the people mentioned on the page as well as their private email and landline in order to contact them. This solidifies the credibility of the people by showing that they are eager to get in contact with the people that are interested or have any questions.Another example of their credibility would be the background of the people that created it.The president of this organization is thoroughly recognized throughout the site his name being David Silverman. David Silverman received his Bachelor’s degree in computer science, MBA in marketing at the prestigious college of Penn State, CAGS in international business as well as being a professional inventor for eight years at Bell’s Lab and became the marketing director for the natural Microsystems. He haws have also many appearances on shows to display his beliefs and key principles of being an atheist one shows such as Nick News, Fox and Friends, Hannity and Colmes, CNN’s Paula Zahn Now, and many more. He is a very credible man when it comes to the nature of what he beliefs in. He has been well trained in these aspects in order to speak upon them.

To add to its credibility you can see on the site that they have plenty of other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google, showing itself to be something many people on the internet can lean on for understanding if needed. The website even attends to the youth with the scholarships that it offers. If this site was not credible it wouldn’t be able to offer money to people, making it the real deal. Even as Americans today we tend to use the press and news as a form of information and this website consist of many article about itself to display its believes to the public. These post range from October 2012 to the present day time and still numerous articles about american atheist are being published. Even at the way bottom of the page it shows where they are directly located for you to meet them in person. They are located in Crawford, New Jersey.

Many people today are very interested in movements and even this website contains an activism tab showing what stand it is taking and how it wants to have an impact on the world. This source is well rounded and credible. It has a organization as it’s foundation and very credible people running the website.

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