Constant Expansion; con·trol

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline, and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find his way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him” -Buddha

I believe that we create our own reality and learning how to control this reality is all apart of the game! This lesson has been an unfolding one, that I will continue to learn how to perfect. Controlling what I put into my body for nourishment, my mind for learning, the habits I develop to fit my lifestyle, and who I am surrounding myself with are all factors that will lead me to creating the life of my dreams.


I have learned that when my body, mind and spirit are acting in a harmony of perfection I am able to feel my own control 100x more. When I am able to control the nourishing food that fuels my temple I am able to control my feelings too. I have found my control through feeling and fueling my body in the gym, kitchen and constantly throughout the day.

I love going to the gym so much, because it is my time of day to zone in and truly create something for myself. I am taking my life, my health and my temple (mind, body, spirit) into my own hands. I determine how hard I push myself. I determine what muscles I strengthen and I am ultimately determining my current and future reality of my body. Working out helps me realize the complete control I have of my thoughts.

Throughout the day it is easy for me to get caught up in the thoughts going through my head, moment to moment. When I’m in the gym, my thoughts want to immediately go back to prior conditioning of “I CAN’T”. Allowing my focus to stay on those thoughts makes the gym experience unproductive and I often find myself “giving up”. Pushing through that wall of “I CAN’T” has helped me to see more results and confidence, in and out of the gym.

I’ve truly learned to be the observer in the gym. Whatever helps you to learn to control your thoughts, will lead you to also learning how you can control your feelings.

Staying properly hydrated and consciously filling my body with a nutrient rich diet low in processed sugar, also helps me to stay in control. If you’ve ever tried to eat just “one handful of chips, or “one cookie” I’m sure you have felt this loss of control I’m referring to. It’s practically impossible, (unless your will power is on point)to stop once you’ve started. You’re most likely going to be reaching for that snack again very soon. Even if your will power is better than mine, I’m sure through awareness of your thoughts you’ll realize that the craving train has entered at full force and thoughts of “getting more” pretty much fill your mind. From experience I’ve learned it’s easier to just say “NO” over saying “maybe just one”. (In addition to this, don’t forget to say YES every once in a while on special occasions because it does feel good to “treat yo self”)

I love to listen to music, but I really love to listen to the people who have what I want. I fell in love with personal and spiritual development and discovering more of my true self. Being able to listen to or read someone else’s story helps me overcome the struggles that are holding me back from reaching my highest potential. When I can completely control my thoughts I can completely control my reality, this is the goal.

I am also very conscious of who I spend my time with. I want to surround myself with people who see me better than I see myself, so that together we can strive to become the best version of ourselves. I surround myself with the ones who see the world just as abundant as I do. They encourage my goals, my lifestyle and want me to experience this life in my highest vibration.

When I do feel bad feelings arise I have learned they are all a product of the reality I have created, making it easier to dis identify with them.

I then have the perfect opportunity to say “I have something within me that I don’t want”. Once i am able to identify with what l don’t want, I can figure out, what area of my life I have lost “control” in. I fix that area and then I create the chance to feel better than ever. Control, however can only come from the present moment. As soon as you fully become in control, you are. It’s always available, I have just shared with you my steps to get there.

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