Megan Pepper; Making Greek Life Have a Positive Name

By: Sierra White

Hazing, scandals, partying are just some of the negative connotations associated with Greek life nationwide. The negatives are easy to hear about, but the positives seem to stay more hidden. As a Panhellenic advisor at the University of Nevada, Reno, Megan Pepper works with the students who are involved in Panhellenic council, Multicultural Greek council or Interfraternity council (IFC) to show how influential Greek life can be.

As the University continues to grow, so does the Greek life population. With huge growth comes more responsibility in making all chapters included and successful. Pepper strives to create a better Greek community through her work; “I work directly with students who serve on the executive board to help with the different things they want to put on for the community and the support that they want to give the five different organizations on campus.”

As Pepper has assimilated into her career, she says that her favorite part of her job is the opportunity to build strong relationships with her students. Pepper is so dedicated to her work that she even gives out her personal phone number to her students. She is always there for them whenever they need her for an emergency or even just for advice if they get into a difficult situation.

The busiest workdays for Pepper are in the week of formal recruitment.

“Getting up at 6 am to get ready for work. Then making sure the logistics are ready for the day, right before rounds are starting potential new members have emergencies come up or something happens with the chapter. These days usually wrap up around 11 o’clock and I am then on call to all of the chapters for emergencies. I am pretty much on the clock 24/7 for recruitment week. But I love every .”

Pepper’s interest in Greek life stemmed from her own involvement in Kappa Alpha Theta at the University of Wisconsin, Madison when she was an undergraduate student. Here she served as Panhellenic Chief Justice on her own Panhellenic Council. While serving in this position she realized that this could potentially turn this into a career.

She spoke with her advisors upon her graduation and they advised her to go on and get her masters degree. Pepper followed this advice and went into the student affairs masters program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Here she served as a graduate assistant for the Greek community working with IFC, Panhellenic and Multicultural councils where she got to learn the ropes of it before she eventually went into advising as a full time career.

Through her positive experience in Greek life, and her continuation in this field of work she wants students to accomplish as much as they can during their time here.

“The best advice I have for students is to keep an open mind, and sometimes you will be shocked as to what you find and what you are given later in life. It’s a huge opportunity and a great gift.”