If the premise of this article is that we should have faith in the future because the millennials…
Bill O'Shea

Hi there! Millennial here. Catch your breath from laughing uncontrollably, then let’s rap a minute.

I don’t think the author is saying — and certainly I’m not saying — that young folks are 100% right about everything. We’re not! Otherwise nobody would have ever heard of Macklemore. As I read it (and forgive my young, underdeveloped, and technologically stunted mind if I’m misinterpreting it), the point is more that right or wrong, Millennials and younger Gen-Xers have a much different set of values and beliefs than a large swath of older folks, and they have the numbers to take a little more control over their own fate if only they choose to.

At the same time, I don’t think anyone is going to say that Boomers are 100% right either. Nor is anybody saying that experience is worthless, but it seems (to us youngs, anyway) that the voice of experience is too often shouted down by those of arrogance and complacency, not to mention that any ideas that we might have get dismissed outright, often on no merits other than “well what do YOU know?” I mean, go back and read your own post: it’s pretty telling that you find the mere notion of 20- and 30-somethings knowing what we’re talking about to be laughable.

Look, for what it’s worth, we get that the world is a big, complicated, and often shitty mess. Terrorism is a bunch of awful garbage — but we believe that demonizing or just outright banning an entire segment of society is a gross over-correction that sends the wrong message. And yes, national borders are super important — but keeping them safe shouldn’t preclude an open exchange of ideas or chances to learn from other cultures, even (especially?) those that do their business differently from ours. I think that was the point of the WaPo article (which, by the way, written by a she, not a he; imagine that, ladies working): not that we should abolish international borders, but that it shouldn’t be looked at as such a black-and-white issue as “us vs. them.” And maybe the “Leave” voters viewed it as being cautious, but it’s also what empowers the bigotry and xenophobia — just look at the UK, where hate crimes are up something like 75% since the Brexit vote.

Which is why so many of us think there are ways we can improve things! We totally don’t have all the answers, nobody’s saying we do — certainly not us. That’s where you folks and your experience come in! All we want is for our ideas and concerns to be heard out and considered and fleshed out in a meaningful, practical way, instead of just dismissed with a chuckle and an “aren’t you cute.”

I’ll save issues like the student loans I’ll be paying back for the next 10 years, and YES, I have a job that uses my degree which I’ll be working at until I’m 80 because lol retirement for another time. In the meantime, bro, lighten up and ask your kids what they actually think about things, and don’t make fun of them when they say that they think Trump is a bad idea; after all, they’re probably going to be a lot more directly affected by the fallout than you are.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go like this cat video someone posted on Facebook.

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