The morning call to the nation

Jakarta, on the morning of Thursday, January 14th 2016, just several days after the city resumed its routines after the end-of-year holidays, a loud boom echoed… casting another shadow to the Red and White banner of our nation.

With each new update and information: groups notification, mass broadcast messages, TV’s breaking news, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, I could not help but ponder on this single notion “Are we under attack?

Living here in Semarang, we often take this life for granted, assuming that we are a peaceful community and I see little to no reaction or fear in people’s activities. Never mind the fact that Jemaah Islamiyah were homegrown here in Central Java. But I see no semblance of behavior normally seen in people being under attack. On the contrary, the 10 millions inhabitants of Jakarta plus several million of regular visitors are gripped in terror. I know some who decided to went home, stayed at home, at the office, not moving until they are completely sure that it is safe to step out on the streets again. I think it bears more semblance to the peril suffered by Parisians two months ago.

But to be honest, without downplaying the fact that this is a horrifying act, this attack suffers in comparison to Paris November attack. This is a desperate measure in relation to the agenda already leaked by the Anonymous and foiled by our Anti-terrorism force. This is an organization being disorganized. This sloppy attack only serve to give us a uniting call. A reminder that we are a growing threat to these righteous extremists. Our secular ideology frightens them because it is mighty. Our diversities estranged them because they alienate themselves behind the convoluted ideals of religious misinterpretations. We are strong, and this small bite will only make us stronger. We are not afraid! (#kamitidaktakut)

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