The Tests
Tom Farr

George the Eraser, and Arlia the Diviner

Chapter 2 of an unbound story, “The Tests”. Write the story with us.

These heavy sighs always accompany George when he had to seal a kid’s ability and wipe the memories of the witnesses. The Order has been taking advantage of his “magick” to save more Inherited instead of forcefully kidnapping them and train them without letting them choose, like what they have done for hundreds of years.

A heavy thud forces him to look up. He saw his cheery, cheeky partner Arlia dropped her bags of samples. “Why the long face, Georgey?” Arlia has never failed to look beautiful, even when she’s drenched in sweat from capturing the energy samples from the kid’s spell on the humidity and air pressure. “You’re saving them for Artea’s sake! Be more happy and heroic,” she exclaimed while holding up her bottle of water. Divining with a water bottle is her “magick.” She can sense the other Inheriteds just by holding her water bottle upside down, just like what she did last night before they decided to come here.

“Even Mother Nature would be sad when her beauty is suppressed just because a flower might bloom too early.” George has always been against interfering with the Inherited phases of development. He believe that a magick will only appear when it’s destined to manifest. When it manifests, it has a purpose, and delaying that purpose is like toying with fate, and he shivers on the idea. “OK, Arlia. I think we can wrap up here.” He stood up and set his eyes on the girl lying on the ground, “Until we meet again, Cindi.”

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