Do something fun

For my “Do something fun” I chose to watch “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” I forgot how much I enjoyed this show until it was brought up in class. I thought the fun and silly atmosphere of the show would help me with my idea generation.

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map (digitization)

Below is the mind map above that has been digitized using online software.

Suggested Themes

Why they are worthy areas for problems and needs

Theme 1: Recreational Safety Equipment

Safety isn’t “cool”. Helmets aren’t cool, knee pads aren’t cool, life jackets aren’t cool. As a result of this, they are utilized less, which increases the risk for people to get injured. Often these products are uncomfortable or a hassle to use which also decrease the likelihood that people will actually use them.

Theme 2: Home Gym Products (or workout products in general)

A lot of people find it difficult to find time in their busy lives to go to the gym and workout (much less find the motivation to work out). This results in a lot of people simply not working out at all. If better (and more fun) home gym products were available, more people could fit a workout in their busy schedules and reap the benefits from being more fit (any maybe enjoy working out more).

Theme 3: Eating well & nutrition

Many people struggle with nutrition and creating meals that are well balanced. A lot of this comes from lack of education in the area as well as lack of motivation for people to make good meals. Lots of working professionals go out to eat for lunch as it is too much of a hassle for them to bring a healthy meal to work.

10 Silly Ideas


9/21: Do something fun + mindmap

9/22: Do something fun + mindmap pt. 2

9/23: Digitize mind map

9/24: Idea generation for 10 silly ideas

9/25: Idea generation for 10 silly ideas pt.2 , build upon ideas

9/26: Sketch 10 chosen ideas

9/27: Write blog

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