Get the word out for your Garage Sale with Sievent

Spring has arrived and it’s time to do some spring cleaning. You might have some items that you’ve been wanted to donate or sale for quite some time so why not showcase what you got with a Garage Sale!

Usually, to help advertise your garage sale you have to spend a lot of time and energy posting multiple garage sale signs around the community hoping to turn drivers into customers by stopping by.

Although, that doesen’t always work out, half the time drivers see the sign and its too late or the sign has been worn down. To easily bring in the whole community, why not promote what you got to sell at your garage sale with Sievent!

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  1. Quickly, setup and promote your event within a minute (image 1).
  2. Add pics of the items that your selling and the location of your garage sale (image 1).
  3. Once your event is setup, invite your friends and neighbors to your garage sale or share it out on social media with the your Sievent link (image 2).
  4. Encourage Your guest who show up at the garage sale to take pics of the items your selling to help further spread the word about your Garage Sale (image 3).

If you’re planning to organize a garage sale this spring, use Sievent to quickly and get the word out for your Garage Sale event and make the money you need!

What are you selling/donating? Comment below!

Michael Purnell & Wesley Alexander

Co-Founders — Sievent LLC

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