Events — Lifeblood Of Communities

See, events are the lifeblood of each and every community across the world. They often times impact our quality of life outcomes

  • socially
  • politically
  • recreationally
  • educationally
  • economically
  • religiously
  • spiritually
  • environmentally
  • financially

Events generated by businesses, non-profits, civic groups, churches, mosques, synagogues,schools, and government agencies constantly touch each local community.

But where do these organizations post their events? Why don’t they post to one platform? How many places and spaces must one search to find out what is happening locally?

There has to be a better way which is why we are building it…

With Sievent, we have simplified the process for event providers and the communities they serve. Instead of posting to multiple platforms, all event providers have a central medium for sharing their events. The community now has a go-to platform for discovering “What’s Happening” in their backyard; therefore eliminating the statement, “If Only I Knew.

Now, people can focus their efforts on participation versus discovery of events.

If you touch the community in any capacity, we welcome your support as an Early Adopter as we continue to build to our ultimate vision. Download the iOS app today or sign up on the website. Let’s set things right together.

Michael Purnell & Wesley Alexander

Co-Founders — Sievent LLC

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