Setup vim for elixir development

Amirali Esmaeili
Jul 2 · 2 min read

As the title says, it’s not a topic about choosing suitable editor / IDE for elixir development, you love vim and ofcourse elixir and all you need is a simple guide get a nice, fast and productive environment for elixir development in vim.

alongside with project wide searching , easy file switching and this kind of features which you can achieve with fzf.vim or something, in my opinion regardless of language youre coding in you need features listed below:

  1. Syntax highlighting
  2. Smart code completions
  3. Go to definition and Find references
  4. Hover docs
  5. Real time diagnostics
  6. Code formatter

Syntax highlighting



:CocInstall coc-elixir

Open an elixir project and see the magic.

Note: floating windows are available in neovim 0.4

Be sure to check coc.nvim docs for example configuration and keybindings, eg formatter shortcuts.


Happy Viming!