Just searched a random free image and used it. This whiteboard is totally not relevant to the story.

I wrote this entire post as an answer to a question on Quora that was asking about best advice for a startup. Now, I’m sure there are a lot of best advises out there but since a lot of those were already shared, I thought to cover something that wasn’t.

I didn’t see a mention of — patents, and that’s what I want to put some light on.

I’ll try to list down few reasons why I think patents get put on back-burner for many growing companies and why that shouldn’t be the case. And most importantly, what can they…

Staying fit is something you can see in almost everyone’s New Year resolutions list. It’s also the resolution that people fails to achieve more often than not. Are you also one of them, you promised yourself to eat fewer cookies and more salad but that resolution just ate dust later?

One third of the world’s population is struggling with obesity. People make diet plans, use several services and monitor their progress using hundreds of gadgets. Fitness bands and smartwatches have become our best companions to make sure that we don’t miss our fitness resolutions anymore.

Smartphones also joined the league…

Have you ever thought of locking a particular part or a feature of your smartphone to prevent anyone from mis/using it? For example, you might not want to lock the entire application but just the delete button or the swipe feature in your gallery app because that is the most abused function there.

You show them a single picture and they start swiping. It’s even worse if the person swiping is your family member. You can’t snatch back your phone because that’ll make it more awkward.

So, you just sit there, and brainstorm the ways you could distract them and…

Shabaz Khan

I’m a Digital Marketing Analyst at GreyB Research and loves to write about future technologies.

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