A Bengali Girl in Tokyo Part 02

Went to a student counsel, with my sister. It’s called the Mace’s. But sadly, they didn’t have any info about any Japanese Fashion school.

Went to my Japanese Language class. Third class went so far. it’s fascinating the amount of reading I have to go through. The Sensei handed us out 3 chunky books and additional hand-notes. What really fascinated me is the amount of speed expected in Japanese language schools in Japan. My course duration is three and a half months, 180 hours. This course is going to prepare me for JLPT N5, the junior most level in JLPT exam system. To me, the class has already accelerated in a swifter mode, however, in Japan they finish N5 preparatory course in one and a half months.

So far, I am liking the course. I am also teaching my sister Japanese. Hopefully we will be sitting for the exam on Dec 6, 2017.