A Bengali in Tokyo -post 01

A girl from Bangladesh with a big dream to break in the International fashion scene

Hi, my name is Sifat Zaman, Sharnali and I want to be a fashion designer. More accurately, I want to be a trailblazing Pattern Maker. Making cool costumes for cinema, theater and circus. Working with international brands and PR management firms is also on my list as I want to nurture myself as a successful businesswoman.

So, I decided to go to Japan and study fashion designing from Bunka. It is only today that I came to know there are two institutes bearing the same name. One is Bunka Fashion College, which is a vocational college for fashion. On the other hand, Bunka Gauken University is an university for graduation and post-graduation. The availability of accessible information in English is scarce and at times, frustrating and misleading.

Today is the first time I felt at peace after talking to Kuo-san, the nice lady from Bunka Fashion College. She is the student counselor for international students. Being true to her Japanese root, she replied many of my questions patiently and honestly. She didn’t hide the fact that it is very difficult for an outsider to work in the Japanese fashion scene, for instance -selling my designs at local stores would might not be a possibility. But, she did not discourage me either, instead she gave me realistic solutions regarding the job market -what the previous international students have done, like working in PR firms. It was nice of her to apologize multiple times for the unavailability of information on the college website. Talking to her was satisfying. Finding her email address was also good thing as I can use her valuable communicative power for future inquiries.

But before doing anything in Japan, one needs to learn the language. Even to study or work, or doing business; being fluent in Japanese is an absolute must. I went to a Japanese language school yesterday. I still haven’t enrolled myself though as I am quite not sure about the school yet.

I am researching everyday, over and over again. The BOF (Business of Fashion) articles on Japan were insightful for a novice like me. They were my starting point. I read them, printed them, underlined the important lines, added the store,artists, businessman/businesswoman, communicators, buyers, designers and bloggers mentioned in their articles. I read the comment section below and wrote additional information in the back of my printed sheets.

Should I go to Japan? 
Yes, I should!

I am scared, and doubtful….

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