The 10 Rules for Dating with Intention
Samier Mansur

Dear Samier,

I usually start my day reading something and I am glad I started my day with your article. No, this didn’t appear on my home page, I found it on Instagram.
Thank you so much for not sugar quoting the difficult phases each of us took, sometimes with vague motivation but mostly in oblivion, transitioning from one stage of our life to the next. After reading The 10 Rules for Dating with Intention, I read your previous article No, Tylenol Won’t Heal Your Broken Heart, But This Might… 
I have to confess the later made more sense to me. I can see where you were coming from. Your words resonated with me for their sincerity, for their one to one quality, for their ability to reveal a patch of bare skin under the wooly comforter. I can see you were not preaching something out of thin air but something you discovered in the threshold of life. And I love the fact you did not bother to give a super quick solution or a get-it-over-with-already life hack preferable for our crazy fast lives. 
However, there is one point I would like to disagree. I do believe time is important. Time is crucial for any kind of withdrawal. Time is needed for deep thinking, for generating the solution, and for a acquiring a different perspective on life. I learned the best lessons in my life by spending time with myself. I needed time to reflect and concede. 
With each passing days, I learned to love myself. There were moments when I made myself whisper the words I love you(me). It did sound so alien in the beginning. But as I kept repeating, it stayed with me; spreading on my skin and slowly reaching for the bones. And what can I say, things started making more sense. 
I don’t bother about impressing these days, I express. It’s more fun, isn’t it? It has a lot to do with confidence, that comes slowly but surely once we know ourselves better. I do feel ‘vulnerable’ but I don’t hold the other person responsible for my happiness. And there is no way anyone besides me can complete me. The right person, be it partner, friend or family should motivate us to strive for better as I hope to do the same. But the key is in my hand. Lately, I have been enjoying the slow process of knowing someone. Maybe it came with age, I am finally learning patience. But for now, I am enjoying the slow courtship. 
Keep writing. Your words made so much sense.