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Divya Nag; remembering medicine is also a form of art

Courtesy Linkdin
Divya Nag is a futurist.
A dreamer, do-er, darer.
An avid supporter of women in science and technology.
A world traveler with an Achilles heel for historic architecture and paperback books.

A t first glance, Nag seems like any other 20 something who loves to read, paint, travel, and laugh. But Divya Nag is anything but usual. She is extraordinarily bright and a virtuoso in the field of medicine technology. It is safe to say that she is the first one of her kind. A happy Stanford dropout who followed her dream and made a revolution in stem cell technology. In her mid-twenties she already founded two successful companies and also got hired by a third; the tech giant Apple.

She thinks stem cells are ‘sexy topic’

Today, the millennial and college dropout sits at the helm of two companies she helped found that are revolutionizing the medical industry in the United States. Theranostics, a biotechnology company committed to revolutionizing the drug discovery process by performing the first “clinical trial in a dish” through the use of patient-specific beating heart cells derived from skin. She thinks stem cells are ‘sexy topic’ and channeled all her energy to revolutionize stem cell technology.

Nag is not shy to tell about her share of woo as a young millennial woman breaking into science, technology, engineering and math, fields traditionally dominated by men.
“I had to bring, like, male co-founders into [investor] meetings,” she said. “People didn’t take me very seriously.”

She also had a hard time convincing her parents who were completely ‘mortified’ after hearing her decision of dropping out. They agreed only on the condition that rigid goals were met and her progress was regularly tracked. Let’s hope her parents are as proud of her as the rest of the world.

medicine — like every other field — is really an art

She thanks her teacher at Stanford, Abraham Verghese for teaching her that medicine — like every other field — is really an art. The age old tradition of ‘physical touch’ and the physician-patient relation is something Divya gets her inspiration from. She wants to remember and remind us that people are people and they’re not just numbers or statistics


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