The #GirlBoss of #SiliconValley

Safra Catz: a force to be reckoned with

Catz is highly regarded, admired and feared;
the one that everyone needs to take seriously

Safra Catz is one of the most powerful yet most mysterious women of Silicon Valley. She assiduously keeps herself from the limelight. Since little is known about her, she became an enigmatic mythical persona fueled by rallied information by others. Catz is highly regarded, admired and feared; the one that everyone needs to take seriously.

Catz an Israeli-born immigrant in the United States of America who made way for herself from the scratch. Her father worked in MIT and her mother is a holocaust survivor. Ironically in 2016, Catz stunned the corporate world by shaking hand with not-so-immigrant friendly President-elect Donald Trump. Many illustrious senior executives left Oracle when Catz joined the team of Trump.

nothing has been ‘usual’ for Catz is Oracle

But, this is characteristic of Catz –by many industry insiders she is esteemed as the model corporate executive who lives by two rules. For starter, she only cares if Oracle’s stock goes up; Oracle sales $23 billion a year in software and services. Secondly, she executes and strictly stood to Oracle’s ex-CEO Larry Ellison’s without ever trying to upstage Ellison’s celebrity persona. It’s no surprise that Catz replaced him as one of the Co-CEO since Ellison stepped down in 2014. Now, Co-CEO may sound a bit unusual of a position, but nothing has been ‘usual’ for Catz is Oracle. When she joined the tech-giant she did not even have an office.

“Make no mistake,” says a prominent tech industry CEO. “She’s running the company, not Charles Phillips. When Larry and I are discussing something that goes beyond us, out comes the cell phone, and Safra is on the other end.”

A thorough research on Catz’s life reveals why and how she is entitled to such a high-powered position. From the very beginning, she proved to be a go getter. She is persistent and persuasive and has a face that won’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Also, she didn’t invest an ounce of her energy that is not rewarding for the company. She started in Penn and did her last year at Harvard Law School. She saw the opportunity to the big hollow of tech legal system. She requested to be shifted to Silicon Valley. After joining Oracle she brought some necessary but unpopular changes. The 60 something small department that made Oracle was reshuffled and brought under one superior command. The feudal lords of these companies either left oracle or succumb to this new strategy. Without making a fuss she accomplished all of these single-handedly and made it look so easy but in reality, it must have been a fierce battle.

As expected, very little is known about her personal life. She married Gal Tirosh, whom she described as a writer and a stay-at-home dad. The couple has two sons. She graciously gives the credit to her husband for giving her the flexibility to work in a highly competitive field.


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