The impact of popular apps on mobile phone battery power and life of mobile phones

Will you feel that your battery is draining quickly? I have already introduced a lot of reasons for power consumption and affecting the life of mobile phones. Today we will talk about the impact of some popular apps on mobile phone battery power and battery life.

The effect of instagramon mobile phone battery power

You may be wondering how Instagram can be draining your mobile phone battery power even when you’re not using it that often. Many people are not aware that, even though they aren’t looking at Instagram, it is still running in the background. The only way to be sure that Instagram isn’t running in the background is to fully close the app instead of just exiting it. Another aspect of Instagram that could be draining your battery is the location feature. If you have given Instagram permission to your location, then Instagram will be constantly searching for your location even when you’re not using the app. The best way to get rid of this is by going to the Instagram permissions and turning off location.

The effect of facebook on mobile phone battery power

Facebook is notorious for gobbling up your mobile phone battery power, so first ask whether you need the Facebook app at all. Why not just log in to Facebook on your mobile browser? If that’s a compromise you’re willing to make, you can save up to 15% of your iPhone’s battery life, according to testing done by a journalist at the Guardian.

If you do want Facebook’s dedicated app on your phone, there are settings you can use to limit the damage it can do to your battery life. Start by disabling its access to location services and background app refresh. While other apps might make use of these two features, the Facebook app relies on them heavily so that even when you’re not using the app, it’s using up your battery. Disabling location services and background app refresh is such a huge win for your battery life that it can actually make your battery percentage increase about 5% on the spot.

The effect of snapchaton mobile phone battery power

A great way to reduce how much battery Snapchat is using is by turning Snapchat on “Travel Mode” in the app’s settings. By turning it to travel mode, Snapchat will run less in the background and save you battery. Another thing that really drains your battery is using the snapchat camera all day. The camera uses a ton of mobile phone battery power and battery life and can really drain your phone battery if you have it open for long periods of time throughout the day.

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