NavCoin Community fund: How-To Vote for your favorite proposals

On November 21, the NavCoin core team announced, that the worlds first fully decentralized community fund has become active:

“After many months of planning, developing, testing and retesting the NavCoin Community Fund went through its lock-in period and became fully active on Friday last week.
Activation means that the world’s first dual-vote Community Fund is open to submissions, proposals can be voted on, and funds released for completed projects.”

This means, that everyone can share their ideas for projects with the NavCoin community which then vote for or against the funding of the idea.
It is fully decentralized which means, that no single entity has the control over the community fund. Releasing of funds is in the hands of the community itself.

The Ecosystem

The ecosystem around the community fund is versatile. There is the collaboration forum where proposals can be presented and a team for the project can be gathered.

Many currently voted on project have used the collaboration forum to present their idea to the broader audience and made a cost breakdown. Here is an example what this could look like for my own proposal.

How to find proposals you like

To get an overview of which proposals are currently voted on, you can head over to the community fund page.

Overview of the currently voted on proposals

How to vote for a proposal

When clicking on a specific proposal, you get redirected to a more detailed info page for this proposal:

Detail page of a specific proposal

On the bottom of the proposal info, you find two buttons: “Yes” and “No”.
Clicking them opens an overlay menu with a command, for example:

proposalvote aabb434ae2a248cbf8ffa903f9e9610e4d51ac53e507f09450b3e7ebac66ee59 yes

The command is subdivided in three parts:

  • “proposalvote”: this is the command to vote for a proposal
  • “aabb434…”: this is the hash for the specific proposal
  • “yes”/”no”: if you want to vote for or against the proposal

When clicking the “Yes” or “No” buttons, you aren’t voting yet. You have to execute this command in the NavCoin Core Wallet or NavPi or NEXT Wallet — the place where you are staking your coins.

NavCoin Core Wallet

Go to

Help -> Debug window

Click on the tab “Console”. Here you can post the command and execute it with “Enter”:

Executing the command

Note: I already am voting for my project, this is why the red info message appears.

When you get an error message that your wallet is locked, you first have to unlock it with this command:

walletpassphrase YOURPASSWORD 60

This unlocks the wallet for 60 seconds and you can execute the voting command.


Voting with the NavPi is similar to voting with the core wallet. Head over to your NavPi Web UI and click on “Control” and after click on “All Commands”.

Voting with NavPi #1

Here you can write the command like the following and execute with “Enter”:

Voting with NavPi #2
Voting with NavPi #3

NEXT Wallet

Voting with the NEXT Wallet is by far the easiest.

  1. Start the NEXT Wallet
  2. Click on “Community Fund”
  3. You are presented with a list of all currently active proposals. 
    On the bottom of a proposal, you can find the two “Yes” and “No” buttons again. Clicking these buttons will automatically execute the proposalvote command. You don’t have to do anything else, you are actively voting for/against the project after clicking the button
Voting with NEXT Wallet

This is it, now you’re voting and actively participating in the community fund!

I’d like to use this chance for promoting my own project. As you might have seen in the images above, my proposal is to create vinyl stickers which can be used for different things like for example on car windows, handy covers, shop windows etc.

Please take a look at my collaboration page and community fund discussion page and please vote “Yes” for my proposal with the following command:

proposalvote aabb434ae2a248cbf8ffa903f9e9610e4d51ac53e507f09450b3e7ebac66ee59 yes

Thank you!

Example for the car window sticker
Example of the handy cover sticker

Please also take a look at these projects. These are from other community members who helped NavCoin alot in the past:

proposalvote 97229d571fdade1c48fda8c1b1060820f87c1dc1c99d3a8cd498a3809537d723 yes
proposalvote bdc588af828557deb114f67c5dfa87e44e4f25b142ac091aa6d65ee653cbf44a yes
proposalvote b9ef157324f0091eec35930b979f9cd24fa31abc3d81fe025cbf538e56e93d9a yes
proposalvote d0e4881e311508981f605a5f698fde932d8a83fe6d854ecf7c1886d19b344996 yes
proposalvote 0a4c915850491675e264fafacd20d14b8d9f0b165d4065ff2f53a21bbf0f72a2 yes
proposalvote 2da711320aa9e83b91f6e4111898abc0214fdb347623a5b2286d3caf33c1e8dd yes