Launching ‘Upstart’

Raw talent lies at the heart of any startup ecosystem — and Jerusalem is bursting with it. Home to Israel’s leading academic institutions for science, art and design, the city’s uniquely multicultural populous has created a potent mix of brilliant minds, technology and creative spirit.

When we started Siftech, we were deeply aware of the huge potential but also acknowledged the challenge that we were facing: potential entrepreneurs were leaving the city en masse as soon as they graduated. They felt that the city had nothing to offer them professionally; there was no startup community and there weren’t any platforms for early-stage startups to start and grow their companies here.

Students ourselves at the time, we witnessed this brain-drain first-hand and decided to do something about it. We organized events, meetups and all sorts of activities that aimed to foster an entrepreneurial culture in the city. We then opened an entrepreneurship workshop in a small classroom at the Hebrew University campus, with the aim of helping and supporting entrepreneurs in their early stages of development, which has since grown to be the first startup accelerator in the city.

However, we recognized that although the city’s startup community has been rapidly growing and the local eco-system has been undergoing a ‘renaissance’ in the past several years, students are still not playing a significant role, they are still ‘outsiders’. We have to get them in.

We believe that engaging students with startup culture, developing an entrepreneurial mindset early on, and connecting talented people from different fields, is a key for the creation of better companies in the future.

So, we decided to launch ‘Upstart’, a project which aims to create a vibrant entrepreneurial student community in Jerusalem.

We aim to leverage the immense amount of student creativity from all across the academic spectrum in Jerusalem. From computer engineering to art and design, whether they are geeks or ‘hipsters’, every student who is passionate about startups and entrepreneurship is welcome to become a part of this community.

Random photo from the opening event of Upstart

We organize all sorts of events and activities to explore the various aspects of founding a startup. Upstart will serve as an open platform for students to meet, connect and create together. The ultimate goal is to foster an inspiring environment and develop community engagement that is premised on people’s ability to connect through creating.

We are calling all designers, coders, future creators and innovators to join this community, connect, be inspired and create.

Join the closed FB group of Upstart — #Students_Only

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