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PixTeller is a tool that simplifies the design processes from start to end, so it can be used by any marketer from the digital industry, any blogger or website owner, as well as anyone who needs designs for personal or business use. Replace anything from images, shapes, text and colors using its design Editor and get inspired from a great variety of public designs and templates that you can use to create new personalized designs just in seconds. You can create a bunch of engaging images, social media covers, banners, graphics for print or any other design with PixTeller.

Kevin William David interviewed Alexandru Roznovat, CEO at Pixteller to know more.

Can you tell us about what you are working on ? What is Pixteller?

PixTeller is one of the best design tools that improves and simplifies the design process from start to end. It took us around 3 years of dedication and hard work to develop the PixTeller platform you see today and we still have a lot of ideas to implement. This is just the beginning!

The first PixTeller version has been launched in 2014 and was just a simple design tool that allowed users to create picture quotes mostly.

While preserving the simplicity (easy-to-use function), we brought great improvements to our design processes, from technology to the main Editor functions and by the end of November 2016, we have launched a new PixTeller version.

Why are you building this? What problem are you trying to solve?

Despite the lack of options and functionality of the first PixTeller version Editor, people all over the globe were creating thousands of quote pictures every day and that got me really impressed.

This made me search for innovative methods to improve the service I deliver and offer people the possibility of creating more than picture quotes with or without design or technical skills. I wanted to make people see PixTeller as a easy, fast, fun and creative design tool for anyone to use.

Therefore, the new PixTeller platform can be used by any marketer from the digital industry, any blogger or website owner, as well as anyone who needs designs for personal or business use.

Who are your top competitors & how is Pixteller different from what’s already exists in the market? What’s unique about what you are building & why do you think companies should use Pixteller?

We do have giant competitors like: Adobe, Autodesk (Pixlr) or Canva and more to mention. Currently, I think we cannot compete with traditional softwares, but we are approaching more and more in terms of experience. We literally want to make PixTeller the best and easiest design tool in cloud (design directly from the browser, no software installation needed).

People will choose PixTeller because it’s unique starting from its awesome design Editor and functionality to the great variety of public designs and templates that are continuously growing. Anyone can use them to create new personalised designs just in seconds.

Actually, the technology we used for PixTeller Editor makes our product a major player in the design field, allowing us to move fast in different areas of step by step products, like SaaS business, B2B for printing companies, B2B for site builder services, mobile devices and more.

Who uses Pixteller? Can you tell us a bit about the different customer segments using Pixteller? What types of roles do your customers have at their companies (Sales, Marketing, Devops, etc.)?

At this moment it is very hard to define a specific target for our product. Basically, anyone who needs images for any kind of purposes can use PixTeller. They use our Editor to make images for their social media personal accounts, as well as to promote their businesses and more.

There are also users who use PixTeller just for fun or to impress their friends/ audience.

How are your customers using Pixteller? Could you share a few different use cases?

There are many different use cases from user to user.

For example, we have a user from Spain who makes many images on a daily basis to use them in the fashion industry. Others create designs to promote their Mobile apps or make shoes promotion images for their store.

Have there been unique use cases for Pixteller that you hadn’t thought of or expected?

There are some users that have chosen PixTeller only because they can write the text on their designs in “exotic languages”.

Also, we have been pleasantly surprised to receive some requests for a PixTeller plan for education or agencies.

We have a lot of requests for a PixTeller Editor API and we will work and focus on this in the near future.

Were there any early ‘growth hacks’ or tactics that have contributed to your current success?

We haven’t really done anything special/ big scale in this regard. We have only organic growth through word of mouth”, some good search rankings and social media. We hope that really soon we will start a good marketing campaign to gain some market share in this huge competition.

What were some of the biggest challenges while building the product early on and how did you solve them?

The biggest challenges were to build the best team and choose the right technology for PixTeller Editor. And at this moment, I am sure we made the right choices. Another big challenge was the lack of financial resources. A country like Romania (Eastern European Country) is not really prepared to support startups from any point of view. There is still a lot of work to be done in this area, therefore,I am the founder and the only investor of this project. Right now, we are looking for someone who understands our vision and wants to invest in order to help us boost PixTeller to the next level.

What are the top products that you depend to run the company & how do you use them?

  • Braintree and PayPal — for charging our monthly/yearly subscriptions
  • PixaBay — for their great API for the free images that is integrated on PixTeller Editor
  • — hosting
  • CloudFlare, that is very useful for scaling

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