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Visme is an intuitive online platform that allows anyone to easily visualize their ideas into engaging presentations, infographics, animations, product demonstrations and more. It’s entirely based on HTML5 and runs on any browser with simple easy to use drag and drop functions that requires no experience. Currently 750,000 businesses, individuals and organizations from over 100 countries use Visme to create better content.

Kevin William David interviewed Payman Taei, Founder at Visme to know more.

Hey Payman, So tell us about what you are working on? What is Visme?

I think our new promo video explains it best in terms of what Visme is and does:

With that said, I define Visme as an intuitive online tool that allows you to create Presentations and Infographics right in your browser. Visme provides a great starting point by providing you with hundreds of easy-to-edit templates that you can modify with your own content and thousands of icons and shapes to customize your design with visual elements.

You can publish your content online, make it private or even download for offline use.

Tell me more about you why are you building this?

Visme like many other tools was developed as sort of an experiment and as a result of paint points I faced myself due to the ever changing tide of technology. I incubated Visme out of my web agency HindSite Interactive a digital agency which back in the mid 2000’s heavily focused on interactive content using Flash which became obsolete when Apple stopped supporting it on all their mobile devices (iPhone, iPad).

When released in 2012, Visme began as an experiment to allow designers to create interactive content in HTML5 format vs. the traditional flash version. Soon after our early Beta release it became apparent that Visme could be so much more than an animation tool for designers. We quickly adapted it to a visual communication tool for non-designers.

Think of it as a marriage between key features of a presentation tool married with common design features to help you create a variety of visual content be it a Presentation, an Infographic, reports, and even social and web graphics.

Haven’t heard the word “Flash” in a long time 😂!

How is Visme different from what already exists in the market & why do you think companies should use Visme?

Since Visme has a variety of uses, there are a number of competitors specific to each content type.

For example for Presentations competitors can range from Haiku Deck, Prezi and Powerpoint, while for Infographics they include Piktochart and, charts include Tableau, and for static graphics include Canva and PicMonkey.

Tools such as canva are great for creating social graphics and static images, and Piktochart is more geared towards Infographics. and Tableau is geared towards the more complex spectrum of data visualization.

Visme is different. It’s more versatile because it provides a balance between all of the above and gives you the ability to create simple graphics to more in-depth visuals including interactive Presentations, and Infographics.

It also allows you to add audio, video and even embed from third parties including Google Maps, Surveys, etc..

And for organizations allows you to share and collaborate as a team which is pretty nicely shown here in this short video:

Sounds pretty useful for anyone to create Infographics!

Can you tell us a bit about the different customer segments using Visme?

The beauty of Visme is that it’s being used by professionals and companies from all walks of life in over 100 countries. Organizations such as IBM, Metlife and Hundai use it, as well as non profit organizations including NASA, European Medicines Agency and National Institutes of Technology and various educational institutions, students and of course marketing professionals from small and medium size businesses.

How are your customers using Visme? Could you share a few different use cases?

Our customers are using Visme for both customer facing content (ex. Sales, Marketing and Branding) and also internally within their organization for internal communication and initiatives. They often use it to create engaging Presentations or infographics and reports to visualize their data.

For example, Americans for the Arts is using Visme as a key part of their communication pieces with their members.

Here’s another case study of how a leading sports organization is tapping into Visme.

Have there been unique use cases for Visme that you hadn’t thought of or expected?

Yes we didn’t anticipate Visme being such a key player within some organizations who use it as part of their internal communication. It came as a nice surprise and we continue to create and refine features to support this need.

We’ve also seen a number of users combine the interactivity features of Visme (such as ability to record their own audio, and create actionable areas) to create engaging experiences such as Training and educational manuals.

Interesting, Were there any early ‘growth hacks’ or tactics that have contributed to your current success?

There has been no single strategy that has contributed to our success. It’s been a lot of hard work, but if I had to pick one tactic, it’s been listening to our users and finding a common ground that serves the community best.

As a lean startup, we pride on the ability to make decisions and adapt quickly. We have a fairly open and transparent open discussion when it comes to creating new feature or adjusting system for improved user experience. We make calculated decisions but are quick and swift in adapting Visme to our user’s needs.

What were some of the biggest challenges while building the product early on and how did you solve them?

I would say the biggest challenge has been finding a medium where Visme user interface and UX can serve the two core content types most users are looking for: Presentations and Infographics. Each of these content formats has a different dimension and feature set, yet there are also common denominators between them.

Finally, What are the top products that you depend to run the company & how do you use them?

We do rely heavily on Google docs and sheets for various documents specially on the marketing and content side. We also utilize BuzzSumo and Buffer for our marketing/outreach, Jira for agile development, Asana for task management, as well as Slack and Gchat heavily for our internal communication. Each of these tools we feel serves the specific purpose and does them well.

Last but not least we do use our own tool Visme very heavily. In fact our own Blog is riddled with various graphics and visuals that are all created in Visme as well as various Infographics we use in collaboration with various publications all were created with Visme. You can see a bunch of examples here: .

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