Double inbound leads on your website with Drift

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Drift is a messaging app for sales and customer success teams.

Kevin William David interviewed Dave Gerhardt, Director of Marketing at Drift to know more.

Can you tell us about what you are working on ? What is Drift?

Drift is a sales communication platform. We help businesses generate more leads and close deals faster by using messaging.

Why are you building this? What problem are you trying to solve?

If you look around at how we (as people) communicate every single day, we’re using messaging — all day. 24/7. We use iMessage Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc. to talk to our friends and family, and then we use Slack all day to talk to our co-workers.

But businesses are stills relying on the same old methods to reach people: phone and email.

We’re not saying that phone and email are dead — outbound sales still works to some degree. But businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach potential buyers by ignoring messaging.

Because we all use messaging in our personal lives every day, we expect businesses to be using messaging too — 9 out of 10 people globally want to use messaging to communicate with businesses.

Who are your top competitors & how is Drift different from what’s already exists in the market?

There are too many companies in the messaging space to name, but we’re the only ones focused exclusively on sales. Drift exists to help sales teams, whereas traditional messaging and chat were built for support teams (and that’s one of the reasons why messaging did not working for sales teams; no sales rep wants to spend their day battling support questions — they want to be making money)

What’s unique about what you are building & why do you think companies should use Drift?

There are really four main differentiators:

  • Intelligent messaging. With Drift’s chat, your sales team won’t have to worry about wasting time answering support questions. Traditional live chat products leave sales reps dealing with support questions, unqualified leads, and people they don’t want to spend their time talking to.
  • Drift plugs into all the tools you’re already using. We don’t want to change the way you work — we just want to be a part of it. That’s why we integrate with the tools you’re already using every day, like Slack, Salesforce, Zapier and more. We don’t trap your customer data in our platform.
  • Easy to get data in and out. Speaking of data: data helps your sales team close more deals, so we’ve made it dead simple to get your customer data in and out of Drift, whether you want to get data from Segment into Drift, or from Drift into Salesforce.
  • Built to help you close more deals. Drift uses artificial intelligence to route leads to your sales team. So whether your team uses territories, account-based marketing, or you just want a round robin, new chat conversations will always get assigned to the right rep.

Who uses Drift? Can you tell us a bit about the different customer segments using Drift? What types of roles do your customers have at their companies ?

VP of Sales

Sales Development Directors (whoever manages the BDR team)

VP Marketing / CMO (whoever runs demand generation)

How are your customers using Drift? Could you share a few different use cases?

The most common use case today is across the website for marketers to increase conversion rates and for sales teams to start conversions and qualify leads. This could be using Drift across an entire website experience — or just using Drift and the bot to qualify leads on a particular page (usually a high intent page like the pricing page).

Were there any early ‘growth hacks’ or tactics that have contributed to your current success?

Nope. The only growth hack we’ve found is really leaning into learning from our customers. Our founders David and Elias preach this whole customer-driven movement — and that’s become a big part of our culture at Drift. For example, we don’t have dedicated support reps — everyone on our team does customer support, and we each have a two hour shift using Drift every week. This has been amazing at accelerating the learning we’re getting from our customers (and people who haven’t bought Drift yet but are interested and live on our website).

What have been some of the most interesting integrations you’ve added? Are there any that have been particularly impactful for you?

Our Slack integration quickly became our most popular integration, since sales reps don’t even have to leave Slack to talk to leads while they are live on the website. But more recently, our Salesforce integration is the one that has gotten a lot of traction across sales teams.

What are the top products that you depend on to run the company & how do you use them?

Drift — We run a messaging-based sales process at Drift and use our own product every day.

Drip — We use Drip for all of our email marketing and marketing automation.

Segment — Segment is an amazing tool that lets us send our data/events to all of the tools we use every day (plus it makes it easy for non-technical people like me to install new apps and integrations).

WordPress — WordPress powers our website and our blog.

Zapier — Zapier is an amazing tool that makes it easy to create workflows and connecting a handful of tools together don’t have native integrations.

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