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Swurveys is the feedback tool for the social media generation. The All Swipe, No Type interface addresses today’s low survey completion rates, low brand engagement and the ever-changing consumer behavior. Swurveys boast an average completion rate of 60% and in optimized use cases, claims to receive as high as 98%. Highly branded cards engage users and encourage them to learn, transact and do more after giving feedback.

Gerry Giacoman Colyer interviewed Preston Tamkin, CTO of Swurveys to know more.

Hi Preston, so tell us about what you’re working on? What is Swurveys?

Swurveys is a web-based hybrid feedback and marketing tool. Our tagline is ‘The All Swipe, No Type Survey’.

On top of the easy, multiple choice feedback tool, we provide features such as SMS Retrieval, call to action links, webhook support, lead collection and qualification, and more. All in a fun, ‘on rails’ swipe experience on the web(no app required)

Beyond the consumer-facing Swurvey itself, we have a comprehensive designer experience for users to login, build Swurveys, pay for them, distribute them, and analyze results.

We also offer a set of creative services, including graphic design, custom development/integration, question/design consultation to help customers make the most of our product.

Tell me more about why you are building this?

The idea for Swurveys originated after years of management consulting by our founders. They found it was very difficult to use traditional internet survey tools to collect market research data. This was doubly true for young adult audiences, even with inventive structures. One of the founders was taking break from these surveys by using Tinder and thought ‘Hey! This is basically a survey!’. This is how Swurveys was born, the All Swipe, No Type feedback and marketing tool.

Interesting to hear that Tinder was an inspiration for Swurveys !

How is Swurveys different from what already exists in the market? Who are the top competitors in your space right now?

In the internet survey business, we identify our closest competitors usecase/feature-wise as Getfeedback, Surveyanyplace and Onspotsocial.

Swurveys is the only feedback tool on that market that really focuses on the respondent or ‘Taker’ and fully-utilizes technology of today and tomorrow. Many competitors exist in the market, but none have the customization flexibility and the ‘fun factor’ aspect of Swurveys. As we’ve grown, we have also grown into more of a marketing tool. None of the companies in the survey industry have the marketing features that we have.

We are also different in pricing model. You pay per completed Swurvey, so you only pay if you collect your data.

Can you tell us a bit about the different customer segments using Swurveys? What types of roles do your customers have at their companies?

Out product has a broad appeal due to its very nature, although we do find our customers that target a millennial audience have the biggest successes.(i.e. They all have mobile phones and know how to swipe). It is primarily marketing roles who use our product.

How are your customers using Swurveys?

Many are using it to collect feedback and collect/qualify leads at events, others are using it as a marketing tool, and of course some are using it for plain old surveys.

We personally use it for drip marketing to qualify/profile our customers, and to collect feedback everywhere, embedded in the designer, our blog, and more.

Could you share a few different use cases?

Young Professionals Of Seattle recently used a Swurvey as a sales tool to sell tickets to their anniverserty party. Nearly 50% of users that finished the Swurvey clicked through to the ticketing page, and almost of them bought a ticket!

Marriott International used Swurveys to collect feedback from hotel investors and owners at an annual conference. They were able to collect feedback from more attendees than they ever had in previous years.

An unnamed HR company uses Swurveys to collect feedback live at their workshops. They use Swurveys SMS retrieval feature to allow attendees to provide feedback during the workshop on their personal mobile devices.

Have there been unique use cases for Swurveys for that you hadn’t thought of or expected?

We built Swurveys as a survey tool, and it’s use as a marketing tool was first thought of by a customer. Due to the fun factor and brandability it outclasses other tools on the market for this sort of use case.

We also have customers using it for live voting at pitch competition and other similar sorts of events.

Our most innovative customer is Doghead Simulations, a VR remote collaboration product. Due to our gesture-based input, they place Swurveys in an embedded browser projected on the wall in all of their VR experience. They use us to collect feedback as there are no other options in their space.

This is the first time I have heard about VR surveys 😀!

Were there any early ‘growth hacks’ or tactics that have contributed to your current success?

Not a whole lot outside the standard approaches. I did tweet directly at @kwdinc(#1 Product Hunter) who got us featured on Product Hunt.

What were some of the biggest challenges while building the product early on and how did you solve them?

Our biggest challenge has been sales. Internet surveys have such a negative stigma from consumers and companies that it is an uphill battle. This turns into a numbers game. We are spending a lot of time on optimizing our outbound sales process.

What have been some of the most interesting integrations you’ve added?

We’re currently adding support, which will allow Swurveys to painless be embedded into sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium. We’ve been embedding Swurveys ourselves in our designer experience and our blogs which is pretty neato.

Are there any that have been particularly impactful for you?

We provide very basic webhook support. On top of this, I wrote a custom Google Spreadsheet script as a webhook endpoint. This script automatically creates a new sheet for each Swurvey that sends data to it. Using this, we get all of our own drip marketing Swurvey results in one place and can do some other cool things. For example, our first drip marketing Swurvey asks if the user would like to talk to our sales team. If they swipe yes, then the script emails our sales manager with that user’s email address and the rest of their Swurvey responses.

Before we wrap up, what are the top 5–10 tools that you depend on to run the company and how do you use them?

#1 is probably Slack. We use it for everything. We use it to follow along with high-value customer activity in our platform, as well as operational notifications, support chat, and of course almost all general team communication.

We use the Google Apps suite for most internal business assets.

We are built 100% ontop of the AWS Serverless stack. Not that we couldn’t build Swurveys without it, but it allows us to build our product with basically a single developer. You can see the rest of our tech stack in our siftery profile.

Now that we are in full on sales mode, we are finding Hubspot to be invaluable for tracking our sales funnel.

We use Mailchimp for drip marketing. Using ‘goals’ integrated in our platform make it super easy to focus in on customer segments for marketing emails

Some usuals:

We use Stripe for payment processing. Asana for task tracking. Facebook pixel for analytics/retargeting/conversion tracking. Google Analytics for the usual.

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