The 180+ products used by YC Summer 2016 companies

We’ve created a Y Combinator Summer 2016 group on Siftery so you can see which software products are the most popular with this group, fresh out of its Demo Days.

YC Summer 2016 group on Siftery

For those who just got to the party — Siftery works through a combination of automated discovery and self-reported data from both software vendors (products) and buyers (companies). We’re using this information to help companies discover and choose software and tools that are a good fit for their “stack” and will make their lives easier.

While for the broader group of all YC companies we’ve identified over 1,300 products, we’re just getting started with this newer group. As of this writing, we’ve identified at least 185 unique products in use. In our analysis, we only include companies with at least 10 products identified.

Here are some highlights:

Of the 36 top products (with 10%+ usage), 8 are YC graduates themselves, including:

Top products (minimum 50% usage):


So far, hare are the top products for each main category:

  • Marketing: Google Apps for Work, Segment, Mandrill, Google Tag Manager, Mailchimp
  • Sales and BD: Hubspot Marketing Platform, MailMunch
  • Customer Support and Success: Intercom, Olark
  • Developer and DevOps and IT: Nginx, Bootstrap, Amazon EC2, Amazon Route 53, WordPress, New Relic, jQuery, Comodo SSL, CloudFlare, GoDaddy DNS, Google Maps, Apache Web Server, Adobe Flash, Modernizr, Gravatar, GeoTrust SSL, Heroku, Disqus, AngularJS
  • Product and Design: Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit
  • Analytics and Data Science: Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Heap, Optimizely, Hotjar
  • HR: AngelList Jobs
  • Finance and Accounting: Stripe
  • Productivity and Operations: Google Drive