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We launched Siftery in early 2016 with the premise of bringing clarity to software buyers in this post-SaaS world of software overabundance. Since then, our database of products and social signals around them has grown exponentially, with literally hundreds of thousands of cloud applications and services clamoring for attention. As…

Support Hero is an advanced knowledge base system for Saas apps. Help Saas app owners to provide more efficient self help resources to their users.

Kevin William David interviewed Matic Užmah, CEO at Support Hero to know more.

Hi Matic, Let’s get started!

So tell us about Support Hero?

Support Hero is self-service knowledge base that helps companies educate their clients…

Fulfilli is a price quoting software for digital agencies and freelancers. Spend less time on non-billable tasks like lead processing and price quoting, and gives agencies a competitive edge.

Kevin William David interviewed Jānis Sprenne, CEO at Fulfilli to know more.

Hi Janis, So tell us about what you are working on?

In the digital agency space, everyone silently is aware…

ADSuisse enables businesses around the globe build genuine, durable relationships with customers.

Kevin William David interviewed Spasen Tzenov, CEO of ADSuisse to learn more.

Hi Spasen, So tell us about ADSuisse?

ADSuisse AG is a company that delivers special service for customer discovery, data validation, and cleaning. Our AI core is connected to over 1800 sources to…

TypingDNA provides proprietary A.I. based typing biometrics technology (a.k.a. keystroke dynamics) to truly identify users by the way they type on their keyboards.

Kevin William David interviewed Raul Popa, CEO of TypingDNA to know more.

Hi Raul, So tell us about TypingDNA?

Simply put, TypingDNA recognizes people by the way they type. The way you type on…

Reveal is an Advanced automation tool for Facebook Ads: helps you manage and test ads, promote page posts, and even get custom reports on 5 other marketing platforms. …

You know that talking to your users is essential, but until now it has been painfully complex. PingPong takes care of all the hard stuff and saves you days of work. So you can be interviewing users in minutes!

Kevin William David interviewed Zsolt Kocsmarszky, CEO at PingPong to know…

Supernova Studio is a desktop Mac OS X application that allows you to take any design of a mobile application, and convert it from design data (i.e., Sketch files) to a working mobile application using one-of-a-kind predictive algorithms. The results include native components, responsive layouts, all the assets, code, localizations…

LinkMiner is an easy-to-use backlink checker tool focusing on backlinks that matter. The tool is designed to evaluate backlink data by providing different metrics, embedded website previews, backlinks categories and features to filter and save the most interesting links.

Kevin William David interviewed Maros Kortis, Digital Marketing Professional at LinkMiner

Zoho Cliq is a chat software that’s built for work. It helps you to communicate, collaborate and reach consensus with your team. Enable task automation through handy bots, commands and integrations.

Kevin William David interviewed Jeri John, Senior Product Manager at Zoho Cliq to learn more.

Hi Jeri, So tell us about Zoho Cliq?

Zoho Cliq is a…


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