Inspiration Corner — Nipun Nayyar

Today we have with us Nipun Nayyar, who left his family business to pursue his photography dream. After completing a 1-year photography course from New York Film Academy, he is presently pursuing a photography internship with Sotheby’s, New York. With Ansel Adams and Steve McCurry as inspirations, Nipun is on his way to make it big in the domain he really loves — Photography.

Nipun Nayyar

How and when did you start photography?

I loved photography since my childhood, although never got an opportunity to really try it. I started capturing photos about 3 years ago, after playing around with a friend’s DSLR for some time.

What all social platforms are you active on?

Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, and Facebook.

What kind of photography do you enjoy the most?

Travel, Street, and Documentary.

Since you are a travel enthusiast, what are the challenges that you face while taking photos during travel?

There are primarily two points, I believe-

With current limited photography gear and budget for equipment; What all to carry, where and how! And the other thing is to quickly connect with the people and cultures of a place for better quality work is tough!

Can you share one of your best travel photography experiences?

It has to be Dominican Republic!

Would you like to share about your upcoming Alaska trip?

Absolutely, good that you asked. I’m planning to go to Alaska in January 2016. I’ve especially chosen the cold weather, as that brings in a more genuine character of the place. Also it maximizes the chances of viewing Northern Lights as the skies are clearer in winters.

I plan to capture the essence of the place through my travel and street style photography. I mean, not just landscapes but also thoughtfully composed portraits of the local people.

How did you like the Siftr experience?

Awesome! Brilliant concept of automation, and a really nice user interface.

Thanks Nipun, for your time, and we wish you the very best for all your photography endeavors.