Introducing Search & Collections

Siftr started a couple of months ago with the concept of auto-generating portfolio websites based on the photos available on different sources, like Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, 500px, etc. The fact that one doesn’t need to upload even a single photo and the whole process becomes very seamless in nature, was loved by the community a lot.

Today we are introducing ‘Search & Collections’, taking a step further to help the community discover their content in a completely new way. They will be able to search for all their photos at one single place, and discover the stories which are hidden within them.

We, at Siftr, are on a mission to enable creative community discover their content and showcase it to the world in an elegant manner.

Siftr Search

It’s very easy today to search for a ‘Golden Gate’ photo on Internet. All you need to do is to go and type those 2 words in search engines like Google. Irony however is that you can’t do such a search in your own photos, even today. Some platforms, like Flickr, introduced search a few months ago, but that’s not where all your photos lie.

We are happy to announce Siftr Search which allows you to search in ALL YOUR PHOTOS at one single place. Whether your photos are on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, 500px, Google Photos, or Dropbox, one single query will search in all the photos, at once.

The above screenshot shows the results when ‘dance’ was searched in Instagram and Flickr photos of a user.

Smart Collections

While Siftr Search allows users to find the photos which they seek, many a times they simply do not know what to search for. For instance, a user might have a lot of interesting food photos, but they don’t show up unless the user searches for specific food items.

To provide Siftr users with some creative insights into the powerful search potential, we are introducing Smart Collections, which automatically compile similar thematic photos into categories such as landscapes, portraits, food, B&W, macros, dark background, etc.

Collections not only help in discovering the hidden gems in a user’s photos, but also make the photo browsing experience smoother. Apart from automatically creating collections for you, Siftr also imports your manually created collections from sources like Flickr and 500px. You can create custom collections as well by choosing specific photos or using a search query.

Imported Collections
Custom Collections

We got very positive reviews during the beta runs of these new capabilities, and can’t be more excited to roll these out to everybody today.

Hope you have a great time looking into your photos and are able to discover something which you never knew existed.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us at or on our Twitter account.

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