The Difference A Year Can Make

[ This is a guest post by Ashu Mittal, who’s an avid shutterbug and loves to photograph people and nature. Even though she just indulges into photography as a hobby, she has garnered lots of accolades for her work, and is widely published including The Big Picture (Boston Globe) and The New Yorker. You can see more of her photos here.]

Every year around Diwali, I visit my hometown Jodhpur and love to venture out in nearby villages for capturing some un-adulterated rural life. This time I got a chance to photograph the members of a small Bishnoi family, which co-incidentally I shot exactly 1 year ago as well.

I thought of juxtaposing some photographs to see what has changed in these 365 days, and the results were pretty interesting!

The little ones are not so little anymore but just as beautiful.
The same 4 kids — Nov 2014 vs Nov 2015
The oldest member of the family looks just the same.
Head of the Family — Nov 2014 vs Nov 2015
Don’t you think the above photos may have been taken just minutes apart? Even his feet are crossed the same way!
The girl below got married! And still has that cheeky grin ;)
The Nov 2014 vs Nov 2015
This one still likes to lean on stuff and pose.
The Shy Girl — Nov 2014 vs Nov 2015
She may have gotten a few more wrinkles but her love for jewelry is still as strong.
The Lady — Nov 2014 vs Nov 2015

It turned out to be a pretty interesting as well as an overwhelming experience for me. Let’s see if I can make it to the same place next year as well. And, as they say —

Time flies but memories last forever…
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