Why is it Critical to Know the Viewers of your Portfolio?

source: unsplash.com

It’s not a secret that creating a portfolio is easy, but knowing your viewers is hard. But why is it even important to know so much about your viewers?

Sharpen your Skills

No matter you are an amateur or a professional photographer, getting feedback from your viewers is always valuable.

Creation is not enough. It needs to be improved, on a constant basis.

Instead of listening to somebody regarding what you should click and what you should not, it’s better to know what your viewers want, what are they seeing, where (which photos or galleries) are they spending more time, etc. That can give you a lot of information to figure out where you need to improvise.

Refine Photo Selection

You create your website to showcase your photos to the world, but you have just a handful of slots to fill in. Apart from choosing photos which you like, you could take some inputs from your viewers as well, and constantly refine your selection based on that.

Optimize Website Design

You might believe that a grid view could be better than a filmstrip view for showing your photos. Similarly, many photographers are confused between using white vs black background for their website.

Instead of making a random choice, or going by the gut, it’s always better to go with what your viewers tell you. Because, they are always right!

Measure Your Marketing

You spend your precious time, and sometimes money, to promote your website via your contacts, social platforms, paid advertising, etc. Unfortunately though, your don’t know how effective those channels are.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. — John Wanamaker

See where your users are coming from, and then spend your resources on the right channels, and optimize.

And how can you know your users better?

Achieving the things discussed above are possible only if you know your viewers and constantly learn from them. That’s where Analytics come into play, and help you get insight into your viewers.

Get your Site Analytics in place, NOW!