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We have received this query from a few of our wonderful customers regarding how the app deals with their content — photos & videos, and if it is safe.

Before we comment on how we take care of your content, let us quickly go through how we analyze your photos and videos to segregate your personal photos from the photos that you share with your friends, family and other folks.

How do we analyze your photos?

Siftr Magic Cleaner mobile app makes use of artificial intelligence to do image recognition. It tries to analyze most of your photos on your phone itself, and those photos always remain on your phone.

There are however a few photos, which require more compute power to analyze the pixels, and your phone’s hardware doesn’t suffice. In such scenarios, the app uploads your photo to the Siftr servers.

In general, less than 20% of your shared photos are uploaded to Siftr servers.

Siftr tech doesn’t require a high resolution version of a photo to find out if it’s a personal photo or not, and so instead of uploading your original photos,

the app uploads a very small thumbnail version of the photo.
Original photo on your phone
Photo that’s uploaded to Siftr servers

Do we store your personal photos on our servers?

No, we don’t. Any photo that we analyze, is deleted immediately after the analysis is complete.

Then, how do we help you discover interesting content?

If we come across photos or videos which are being wildly shared on messaging apps, we provide references to that content in our app, to make it accessible for you.


Your privacy is VERY important to us, and please rest assured that your photos and videos are analyzed with utmost care.

Hope this post helped in alleviating concerns you might have. If you still have questions, please write to us at, and we would be more than happy to help.

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