These Are Easy Social Media Hacks That Anyone Can Do

The latest stats reveal that there are around 190 million tweets each day, about 70 billion posts, videos and links shared on Facebook monthly. Google+ approximates that approx. 5 million individuals click on the +1 switch each day.

There are more than 500 tweets each minute (yes each minute) that include a web link to a YouTube video and Tumblr releases around 27,778 posts every 24 hrs.

Considering there is so much content on the internet, how in the world do users get their content noticed? It starts will 5 easy hacks. These techniques will help you promote your content or business so you can get noticed.

The Top 5 Hacks, Broken Down

1. Pre-Schedule Posts
 According to Buffer, the optimum quantity of tweets each hr is between 1 and 4. For Facebook, they the recommendation is no greater than one blog post daily. Make your life easier and schedule your posts.

2. Expand Your Network
 Putting in the time to expand your network is a need in today’s busy market. Sign up with Twitter conversations, make use of niche related Facebook groups, Google Hangouts and, the Flutter App, this will help drive leads & traffic back to your site and also increase web page ranking by means of social shares. Expanding your network enables you to develop partnerships with people in your niche or topic area, and get in touch with influencers and boost your social ranking.

3. Connect with your target market
 Sharing information, tips and material associated with your business involves and connects the customers around you which, subsequently, helps build trust as well as even more engagement. A study reveals that sharing articles on Thursdays as well as Fridays through Facebook gives the most return when seeking post engagement.

4. Usage Tags, Geotags and also Hashtags
 Tags, hashtags and also geotags are the business card for your social media sites system. Yes, we do laugh when we see a holiday snap with 25 hashtags. But when it comes to business they are a must they help narrow your target market. Tag, your service and then narrow the market to your area.

Example: “Bills Mowing” Great Service, low prices.
 #lawnmowing #Brisbane #Kedron #aspley #mowing

Utilise them and watch the fans discover you.

5. Usage Images Optimised for All Social Media Platforms
 Sharing pictures on Facebook is understood to boost interaction by roughly 39% vs. text-based articles. Optimising the photos being used throughout your social shares this will help loading times. Generally, a square photo 800×800 or landscape 800×500 will do this will help loading times and prevent your viewers having to wait to see what you are posting.

6. Connect social accounts
 Connect, connect and connect. Many social media sites have a built in share feature that lets us connect and auto-post to multiple accounts simultaneously. From a Facebook page, attach that account to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, as well as YouTube and also you’re well on your means to ending up being a social influencer yourself.

Aaron Ellis