It’s like claiming that the market for an SLR camera is larger than one for a smartphone.
Dyson Lu

As a pro UX designer, the Surface Studio is the perfect design for my work any creative professional.

Visual design was always a hack with only a keyboard and mouse. It’s the same for video, music editing, product ideation, task flows and mindmaps. Great design starts with pen to paper, whether that paper is digital or not. My portal digital drawing tablet has been indispensible to my work for years.

A no-compromise creative studio is a slam dunk if you are serious about design. Direct manipulation is always the best.

Are creative pros a huge market? I don’t know, but it would certainly be a huge strategic win if the world’s best designers largely move to Microsoft’s Surface studio. If Surface Studio works as well as it looks, it will gut Apple’s legacy as the home of great design and the best design tools.

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