Go, tell Pharaoh that I left Egypt and I have no part or share in his wicked plans. I have been in the wilderness long enough and not only have I learnt plenty of lessons from the experience, it has also helped to mould me into a different kind of character. I am now ready to move to the next level: that of entering, conquering and possessing my Canaan. Yes, I am now ready to see and partake of the goodness of this land and so far I have been able to walk the lands and territories that I had only dreamt about many years back.

Yes, the year is 2017; the year of conquering and possessing my promised land. All those occupying the land- my land, that’s- are doing so illegally or it would not be my land. And so they must pack their things up and go. Sin, sicknesses, illnesses, infirmities, lack and want- the enemies of wholeness- must pack up and go.

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