Such incidents have been happening once in a way, but mankind doesn’t seem to be taking the cue for its own rescue from the impending disaster.

Here is another classic example of how ‘the Consciousness in its undisturbed or the least disturbed state’, can be naturally creative. Recently the little Bowdy Shoff of 2 years of age, became a super hero in Utah, when he saved his twin brother Brock from underneath a dresser, which had fallen on them.

Shocking footage shows dresser falling on child before his twin brother rescues him by pushing the dresser off.

Most, if not all, educated people have been trumpeting that ‘everything’ has to be taught as children don’t know anything. This may be an eye opener for them. Bowdy wasn’t taught how to rescue, when the dresser falls and his brother is caught sandwiched. Yet, he pushed the dresser and rescued his brother.

If parents merely protect the consciousness, in its growing years, that is the greatest gift they can give not only to the child, but also to the whole of mankind. It is unbelievable that problems and conflicts arise only due to divided attention. If children are raised with undivided attention, then future generations will lead a conflict free lives.


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