Enlightenment or Liberation of Mankind

Volumes have been written on the subject. Perhaps the briefest and scientific explanation for human psychological liberation or enlightenment is like this.

This state is the natural state of mind. This is lost in many people, but many people still have it also, but are not aware of it. It is like a hierarchy. Majority have the manageable level of freedom. Those who are unfortunate commit mistakes and suffer needlessly at the hands of society.

The all pervasive, prevalent and popular knowledge is that this is a gift to some fortunate people only. Vested interests propagate it for their own benefit and also partly because they can’t even imagine about it.

The fact is that human liberation is real. and scientifically everyone can get liberated on one’s own. However, Naturalmind in children can be protected fully or to the maximum possible extent by parents from losing the natural state. It is easy and inexpensive.

Stability and strength are the primary characteristic of the naturalmind. If they are retained during the growing years of the brain/consciousness, it is enough. These characteristics will not be lost after the full growth of Consciousness. They are lost due to damage only in the growing years of the Consciousness. It can be crudely compared to a ‘manufacturing defect’ because it takes place during its formation or growth.

When Consciousness is completely in senses (or when a part of it is not stuck in memory), then all its thoughts are voluntary and optional. Hence they are accurate and appropriate to the situation (3). Then only the present needless, involuntary and motivated exploitation and violence of humans can stop. Every interested person can return to his free state and also share this idea with interested persons.