I am so sorry that those horrible events happened to you!
Stuart Johnson

Human behavior is grossly misunderstood, because mankind hasn’t yet unraveled the principles of operation of the human mind. To say in lay man’s terms, human consciousness is extra ordinary and it takes a longtime to grow fully. This long duration is also a disadvantage, because parental errors are allowing damages to remain in consciousness, during its growing period. This can be crudely compared to manufacturing defect.

  1. If we raise children without allowing damages during the growing years of the brain, then such children will be Calm, Stable and Discreet throughout life. This is so even if they are exposed or given BAD education through TV and other means.
  2. If damages to Consciousness takes place, then children will lose their Calmness, stability and Discretion. They behave insensitively. This is so even if GOOD education is given.
  3. This can be observed by seeing children in same family and same education, with different types of behavior

If there is voltage fluctuation, mere changing of bulbs will not help. Punishments and good education is not helping disturbed children worldwide. Unfortunately, most people think that the visible Knowledge (education) is more important than the invisible Consciousness which is the processing power.

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