Impressive explanation of human problems can’t guarantee that only accurate and effective solutions would follow

Caution: Even these explanations of problems and solutions shouldn’t be taken as exceptions, but should be thoroughly examined.

Go anywhere, attend any talk or meet any one, who is an expert in some or the other field. The initial talks are always far too impressive, because he or she would be explaining the ‘problems’ or the ‘results’ of their solutions quite interestingly. After all, whole mankind has been suffering from the same set of problems viz., the finding of disorder and desiring to set it right by finding solutions.

As an Independent Researcher in Psychology, this author often go to various kinds of talks of experts and authorities of different ideologies or their shades. Every speaker, baring exceptions, gives an impression that his or her area of work is the most important and if that particular ‘area’ or problem is attended and treated fully and correctly by people or authorities, the whole world soon turn into a paradise.

For instance, I attended a workshop of a soil scientist some time ago and the audience was literally dumb stuck and almost in tears, when he explained that the top layer of soil called the ‘humus’ is in grave danger of extinction and if it is not protected by all people and authorities, the world would soon be extinguished within a decade! I attended this talk more than three decades ago, is a different matter.

Barring natural calamities, most of the human problems are undoubtedly man made and most of them are also treatable and correctable. Unfortunately, very often most of the solutions applied do actually complicate or expand the original problem or even bring in newer problems for mankind.

Origin of all problems is the human mind, because it is from where all human actions emerge. Mind is where the situation is assessed often wrongly, and also a matching solution, which is generally obviously wrong emanates. This inevitably creates one or more new problems. Thus a chain of problems have enveloped the whole world.

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