Is All Our Hard Work Killing Our Future?
Mike Sturm

“ In short, I fear that at least for the past few decades — maybe centuries — we have been working too much- Mike Sturm.” Yes Mike, you are very right, explaining the symptoms of the problem. My explanations of the cause may be different, which of course, needs not be agreed or accepted by anyone. It has to be merely examined.

I have discovered that the human Consciousness is being continuously damaged in the early growing years and it is causing the ‘hyperactivity’. Leisure from bodily activity is essential, and we take sleep as rest for the body. But mind is almost always active in many people, when they are awake and even during sleep as they would be dreaming.

Leisure from thinking is the essential default state of Consciousness. Then only man can use his memory voluntarily and appropriately use it for saving of mankind. Now because of the hyperactivity, man is unable even to observe or understand that he is nearing the end in all aspects. Whether it is political, economical or environmental, they all are same, i.e., it is the intellectual hyper activity.

Thanks Mike, it was a great read.

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