Why should @cosmoscharf like this tweet?

If one’s freedom is abundant, one obviously is attracted to facts that are true and natural, and not those noisy intellectual circuses going on around and produced by various authorities.

At 63, one may be obviously overwhelmed, when a budding 21 and full of fire dares to like one’s tweet about the naturalmind. Possibly because, this affectionate friend of this author could be one of those uncommon, but fortunate children, who haven’t entirely lost their inner freedom to look around.

The loss is because, unknowingly and unintentionally most of the parents are committing a simple and avoidable error in upbringing, which is unfortunately reducing the inner absolute psychological freedom of their children. What is absolute freedom and the error that causes its loss are very important and let us see them a little later here below. Intelligent persons are unlikely to ignore it. This author sends it generally only to some extra ordinary ones.

This author had neither commented, nor had advised the young man anything on his kicking the prestigious fellowship that is generally sought after by many. In his tweet, this author had merely reproduced what his mentor the great philosopher and seer, J Krishnamurti had said; “Politicians and all other authorities can never solve the crisis of mankind.” So in this regard, it may look weird and absolutely inappropriate to accept one authority, while opposing another.

It took a long time for this author too, to understand that authorities aren’t the root cause, but essentially the outcome or the result of the human problem itself. So unless the human problem is understood and solved, man’s antics can’t stop. The Seer’s books are like safe and comfortable life jackets and one obviously enjoys reading, like swimming in the high seas. When one stops reading them, one begins to feel lost and drowning. So one jumps back to the shore immediately.

After lots and lots of thinking or ‘intellectual exercises’, this author learnt that ‘involuntary’ thinking itself was bothering mankind, that prevented the whole mankind to be quiet and discreet. So just as Buddha did, when the tired author abruptly stopped ‘swimming’, then an astonishing ‘non-event’ happened. Amazingly, the author didn’t drown, but stood even better firmly and calmly on the floor of the water.

Unbelievably, the water or the whole of knowledge was shallow and wasn’t even knee deep! Then only this author realized that the feeling of falling and loss of balance caused often wasn’t by the ‘turbulence of water’, but it was only illusory. Besides the author also realized that the driver or the Consciousness is the primary Hero and the intellectual exercises are only secondary applications. How can its applications overtake, dominate or replace the Energy ?

However, this author wasn’t much older than 21, when he ventured to find the veracity of the Seer’s works. More and more this author examined the Seer’s works, more and more the author was finding about himself. Then finally the eureka moment arrived after dragging for a while. The scattered or divided Consciousness came out of memory completely to rejoin the main or operating Consciousness and became ONE, undivided or whole. Now this author has only the first two states of mind as shown below.

Most of mankind do have the 3rd type, but in various proportions such as from 1% to 99% of consciousness in senses and the rest in memory. Barring exceptions, the highly educated people are more and more in memory. This is only because of an error during upbringing, caused unknowingly and involuntarily during the growing years of the brain or consciousness, for which the parents need not be blamed.

There can’t be any other greater achievement than achieving the state of normal or natural psychological state. This is a permanent, violence and conflict free state of mind. When there is no inner motivation for violence, no amount of bad education can make one into a violent man. Similarly, when there is no sorrow, there is no need of pleasure at all. Indulging in pleasure is nothing, but wasting energy and that too endlessly.

Don’t agree or accept this. Just understand this first intellectually. Actual transformation has been made easy and possible by this author. This may not be complete and final. If this is made available to youngsters the world over, they can spread this message and newer findings may come out. Some friends used to make a joke that they want a pill, which when swallowed, can liberate one completely. Even that may be possible some day. But first this message has to be published in all languages worldwide.

For that, this author needs a good computer, a good internet connection, and a few persons, who have an open mind, preferably those who have read the seer. Remember Sir, to spread the message of this universal possibility, one doesn’t need to be already liberated, but one should merely have the drive and enthusiasm and a general idea about it. Keep visiting this page, this page would go on getting edited. https://goo.gl/wgQhYh naturalmind.org