You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

yah thank you thank you for degrading me and making me feel like shit, thank you for telling me that i am less even though i dont feel like i am, thank you for constantly reminding me that all the men in my life hate me and that my boyfriend secretly wants to abuse me and that I am being “beaten by my soulmate”. thank you for telling me that all the hard work that i have accomplished means nothing because it is all “a trick of the mind”. thank you for making me think that i should live my entire life in constant fear of the men who have done nothing but supported me and taken care of me. Thank you for seeing me as less because I am women. you are the patriarchy, you are the one that sees women as lesser beings. Thank you for being a hypocrite and lecturing women who sit on their keyboards WHILE SITTING ON YOUR KEY-BORED AND TELLING ME THAT I AM LESS. I dont want you to walk or march for me. I want you to sit the fuck down.

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